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Green Iowa High School Summer Members of 2021: Eden Grimes

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Green Iowa AmeriCorps has several high school students serving across the state of Iowa, and Caroline Mascardo has interviewed and put together profiles for all 7 Members. Today we are meeting Eden Grimes, a Sustainable Schools Member serving with the Iowa City Community School District.


Eden Grimes will spend this summer serving with Sustainable Schools in the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD). As a recent graduate of Liberty High School, she is grateful to be giving back to her community.

“As a young person who has grown up in the area I am currently serving in, I feel a sense of responsibility and pride in being involved in the process of improving our community and its relationship with sustainable practices and the environment,” Eden said.

Eden first heard about the Sustainable Schools program during the environmentalism unit of her French class, where she met ICCSD full-time members Meg McAloon and Lisa Stark. She later contacted Meg to further discuss the summer steward role and how she could utilize her experience as a student in the ICCSD.

“My perspective as a recently graduated high school student shapes my perspective of service as an exciting opportunity to be taught a new skill, help out and be rewarded with the amazing positive impacts on my community,” Eden said.

During her three-month service term, Eden is excited to learn about Iowa prairies and get to know the rest of the ICCSD team.

“I am most looking forward to going on day trips with my team and learning all about the native Iowa prairies that are maintained today,” Eden said. “This will be a great learning experience for me as well as a bonding experience for me and my team.”

Although she has served for just over a month, Eden believes joining AmeriCorps while still in high school was one of the best decisions she could have made.

“The experience of working with my team has given me so many valuable skills and knowledge that will be applicable in any job in the future,” she said. “Besides giving valuable work experience, it is a great way to make tangible impacts on your community and build real skills in a field of your interest. With diverse ranges of education and skill levels present in each team, everyone has room to grow, and it is all about improving and making an effort.”



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