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Alliant Energy, MidAmerican Energy Company, and Cedar Falls Utilities are partnering with Green Iowa AmeriCorps to offer home energy assessments in your area.

However, these services have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until Green Iowa AmeriCorps is safely able to resume services, we would like to offer you a contact-free option to help you save energy with easy to install energy efficient products.

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LED Light Bulbs

Compared to the typical incandescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs use up to 90% less energy, produce the same quality of light and last up to 25 times longer.

Low Flow Faucet Aerators

Low flow faucet aerators reduce the flow of water from the faucet without reducing pressure, saving
both water and energy.

Low Flow Shower Head 

Low flow shower heads are designed to reduce the amount of water, without reducing the pressure.

Water Heater Pipe Insulation

Insulating your hot water pipes can reduce heat loss, which decreases the amount of energy needed to continue to heat your pipes.

Furnace Filter Whistle

This mechanism alerts you when you need to replace your furnace filter by producing a whistling noise. When you replace your furnace filter regularly, it increases the air quality within your house, and allows for your HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) to run smoothly.

Outlet/Light Switch Insulators

Outlet and light switch insulators help to reduce drafts from outlets and switches on exterior walls.

Rope Caulk

Rope caulk can be used to fill gaps around windows and doors to prevent air flow.

Expandable Spray Foam

Expandable spray foam can be used to fill larger gaps and cracks in spaces like basement foundations or attics. 

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