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Segal education award

About the Award

After successfully completing an AmeriCorps term of service members are eligible to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. This award can be used to pay for educational expenses at eligible schools and at certain GI Bill-approved educational programs for veterans. The award can also be used to repay qualified student loans and alternative educational opportunities

The amount of a full-time education award is tied to the maximum amount of the U.S. Department of Education’s Pell Grant for the fiscal year in which the member is in service. AmeriCorps members can earn up to the value of two full-time education awards during their service, and following the end of their service they have seven years from the date they earned their award to use it. The Education Award is taxed as income in the year it is used.

More information about the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award can be found at the link below, including:

  • Award Amounts

  • Eligible Educational Expenses

  • Qualifying Student Loans

  • Loan Forbearance & Accrued Interest Payments

  • Transferring your Award

  • Extending your Award's Use Period

  • Tax Implications

How to use your Education Award

Your Education Award is available to view and manage through the My AmeriCorps Portal at


If you are a current or former AmeriCorps Member you would have created an account when you applied to the program. The AmeriCorps Portal is designed to assist AmeriCorps members when applying to programs, during their terms of service, and after they complete their terms.

After your term has ended and all exit paperwork has been completed, Green Iowa AmeriCorps program staff will exit you from the program. It can take up to one month for all exit paperwork to clear through the system. Once that is completed you will be able to view your award on the AmeriCorps Portal under "My Education Award" in the menu options. From there you can "Create an Education Award Payment Request" to submit a payment request. 

Your Education Award is managed by AmeriCorps the federal agency, not by Green Iowa AmeriCorps. 

For question about your Education Award or the My AmeriCorps online system, you can call the AmeriCorps hotline at 1-800-942-2677.

During your service Green Iowa AmeriCorps will provide you with a "Life After AmeriCorps" training which will include more detailed information about the education award and how to use it. Click the button below to view a PowerPoint presentation about the Award. 

2023 Life After AmeriCorps Presentation

You can also view this resource from The Corps Network with more detailed information about the Segal Education Award.

Non-Traditional Uses of the Segal Education Award

There are many ways to use educational awards outside of attending a university to seek a degree. Many Title IV schools have alternative programs like the ones listed below that you could spend your award funding on.  

Study Abroad

Enroll in a study abroad program through a Title IV School.

Trade School & Non-degree seeking classes

  • Automotive, Business & Finance, Cosmetology, EMT, Truck Driving, Welding, Culinary School, and more!

Certifications & Specialized skills

  • Yoga Teaching

  • Renewable Energy Certification

  • Project Management Certification

  • and more!

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