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Green Iowa High School Summer Members of 2021: Elena Escalada

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Green Iowa AmeriCorps has several high school students serving with the program, and Caroline Mascardo has interviewed and put together profiles for all 7 Members. Today, they would like to introduce Elena Escalada, a Sustainable Schools Member serving with the Cedar Falls Community School District.


Elena Escalada is a rising senior at Cedar Falls High School and will spend her summer serving with the Green Iowa AmeriCorps Sustainable Schools site in the Cedar Falls Community School District (CFCSD) . She first heard about the opportunity from her physics teacher last school year and later applied, interested in improving her community’s impact on the environment.

“I really wanted to get more experience in working with others that shared interest in sustainability and conservation,” Elena said. “I hoped that in applying I could learn more about how to better the environment and the communities living within them.”

As a current high school student, Elena hopes to bring her perspective to environmental initiatives in the CFCSD, making them more sustainable and meaningful to students.

“Since I am and have been an active member of the schools we are directly working with in Cedar Falls, my plan is to share any experiences or knowledge I may have with my team to provide insight on the inner workings of the schools and what changes students may want to see,” she said.

Over the course of her service term with Green Iowa AmeriCorps, Elena hopes to make long-lasting connections with others.

“I look forward to working and collaborating with members from the different branches,” Elena said. “I am excited to meet people from all backgrounds and listen to their ideas as well as learn about the work they have been taking part in.”

Although Elena ultimately plans on pursuing a career in architecture engineering, she encourages other students to serve with Green Iowa AmeriCorps.

“[I] would gladly advocate for others to take on the chance,” Elena said. “I plan on implementing the valuable skills, knowledge and interest I acquire through this program with me in the future.”




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