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The Bohumil Shimek Environmental Educator Award

This award was written by our Dubuque Metro Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA) Member, Codi Sharkey, and DMASWA Alumni, Eve Dietrich. Together they nominated Bev Wagner, who is a Green Iowa AmeriCorps Communication & Education Coordinator for DMASWA, as well as a Green Iowa AmeriCorps Site Supervisor, for outstanding efforts by an environmental educator.

The Bohumil Shimek Environmental Educator Award recognizes formal & non-formal educators for innovative environmental education programming beyond their job expectations. Bev was the initial contact for the grant that allowed Sustainable Schools Members to serve at DMASWA and has been a monumental driving force in the Dubuque area for Green Iowa AmeriCorps. She has mentored several individuals who chose to serve as Sustainable Schools Members and countless others who choose to embark on the path of whole school sustainability. Bev's work is selfless and long-lasting. We are thankful that Eve and Codi were able to craft a heart-felt, genuine nomination for Bev and her determination for sustainable change. We are grateful to be able to continue to work with Bev and are thrilled to know that she is the recipient of this much deserved award!


More about the IAN-ICEC Awards:

"The IAN-ICEC Awards for Excellence in Environmental Education recognize the incredible contributions of environmental educators, partners, and supporters to the advancement of environmental literacy in Iowa.

The IAN-ICEC Environmental Education Excellence Awards are named in honor of those who made important contributions to the understanding of the wealth of Iowa’s natural and cultural resources. Many had childhood opportunities to learn about and enjoy the natural world in the company of a parent or mentor. All are examples of intelligent stewards of the land worth emulating."



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