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Green Iowa AmeriCorps: Our Story

A sign in a grassy field reads: EMPOWERMENT GARDENS

We are a state-wide community service program that was founded in 2009 to address sustainable usage of energy resources in several Iowan communities as they struggled to rebuild from a series of devastating floods in 2008. Our Energy & Community members are trained as Energy Auditors and contribute to a comprehensive home energy program, as well as deconstruction projects, energy and environmental education, and the development of community outreach events. Green Iowa AmeriCorps prides itself on being an active community partner and has since expanded to include conservation efforts through our Land & Water Stewards program. With resounding success across Iowa, Green Iowa AmeriCorps now has a presence among many public schools with our Sustainable Schools program. We primarily operate out of the Center for Energy and Environmental Education, but you can find Green Iowa AmeriCorps members all across the state of Iowa!

Our program is composed of 3 branches: Energy and Community, Sustainable Schools, and the Land & Water Stewards.

The Energy & Community branch has been operating for 11 years in the state of Iowa. This branch chiefly focuses on energy usage within residential homes. Our teams offer free audit services to assess water and electricity usage and air quality and flow, among many other factors. The teams also conduct educational events and partner with local communities to provide energy efficiency resources and programs.

The Sustainable Schools branch acts as a resource and catalyst for Iowa school districts to build a more energized and sustainable future. These Green Iowa AmeriCorps members serve as Sustainability Coordinators and work to reduce district-wide energy costs. Through our members, school districts can expect to engage their students in more outdoor learning opportunities and lessons surrounding environmental sustainability, implement environmental project-based learning initiatives, and ultimately save on energy costs.

The Land & Water Stewards branch strives to revive Iowa's lost or disappearing ecosystems and improve water quality throughout the state. Our outreach and education initiatives focus on proper land management practices, ecosystem revitalization, storm-water management, and pesticide reduction. Host sites across Iowa can leverage their Land & Water Steward

Teams to carry out the environmental stewardship mission across Iowa.

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