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energy & Community

Established 2009

About Us

The Energy & Community branch is the longest standing branch of Green Iowa AmeriCorps and has been serving communities across Iowa since 2009.


Members in this branch are trained to conduct free energy audit services on residential homes to assess a variety of factors contributing to a home's monthly energy bill. As part of the free audit process, they assess things like water usage, electricity usage and air quality and flow.  


Members in this branch put together environmental education programs and events in partnership with their host sites and other local organizations to provide fun, inspirational, and eco-friendly projects relating to topics from recycling and sustainability to native species, conservation, local food and more. Members also organize and execute community service projects to engage volunteers in hands-on opportunities to make a difference in their communities doing things like trash clean ups, invasive species removal, native plantings, home repairs, tree planting, etc.

Coordinator Roles

Our Energy and Community Teams consist of 5 members filling a variety of roles. Each team consists of two Energy Audit Coordinators, an Education Coordinator, an Outreach Coordinator and a Logistics Coordinator. 

Members work as a team to help provide energy audits to community members, plan education events and coordinate community outreach projects. 

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