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Climate Change

Through the month of July, Green Iowa AmeriCorps is hosting a virtual summer camp that will include 4 weeks of videos, activities, and other resources related to environmental sustainability to help kids keep learning this summer!

Week 1:July 6

Zero Waste/Recycling

Week 2: July 13


Week 3: July 20

Iowa Ecosystems

Week 4: July 27

Climate Change



Every Monday at 9am free public lessons and videos related to the weeks focus on environmental sustainability will be posted to this page. Lesson packets for the activities will be available on Sundays.

Videos and lessons in this program are appropriate for kids from grades 3rd to 12th. Check the lesson packets each week to see which lessons are appropriate for your age group

How To attend

1) Register by clicking the "register here" button at the top of this page and filling out the simple form

2) Check this website each week for lessons and videos

3) Download Lesson plans For more detailed info about each lesson

4)Watch the videos and complete the lessons at your own pace!

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Week 1

Zero Waste and Recycling

Where is "Away?"

Find out where your waste goes “away” to and learn how your trash never fully disappears. Take a tour of the Dubuque area landfill. Find out what makes the landfill and what you could be doing to lessen your waste.


Tin Can Planter

Take a regular, boring tin can and turn it into a fun recycled planter!


Waste Audits

you will explore your own garbage and see what kind of things you throw away in a day while also learning how to reduce your waste and put less in the landfill.


Up-Cycled Craft

Create your very own throw pillow without using needles and thread! Better yet, you can up-cycle an old T-shirt rather than throwing it away. A super easy, recycled craft!


Life Cycle of Trash

The basics of where your trash is taken, how it is processed, where it ends up, and how the end results affect the environment around them. 


Week 2

Gardening and Composting

DIY Planter  Pots

Learn how to create your own pots from materials you have at home! This lesson will include how to make a planter out of a water bottle, newspaper, egg carton, and even a rain boot! Instructions in week 2 lesson plan.

No Video 

Composting 101

Let’s check out a local compost! Our friend Liz keeps a compost pile in her backyard and we got the chance to see what she puts in hers, what is growing around it, how she keeps it going, and why she composts.


Do the Rot Thing

Make a compost pile at home with materials you have around your house! This video includes the different “ingredients” needed for a compost pile to decompose and how to create layers


Ready, Set, Grow!

Learn how to plant your own seedlings and grow your own food at home! We will also be teaching about the benefits of growing your own food and talking about seed germination. 


Water 101

This lesson will teach you how and when to water your plants as well as the benefits and how to use a rain barrel! Students can expect to learn the benefits of water conservation, how to implement a rain barrel, and where to find one for their own use. 


Week 3

Iowa Ecosystems

Whats In a Name?

The Ciha Fen is a unique and rare ecosystem which we have in our own backyard in Johnson County. Here we will learn about what makes this ecosystem unique and why we should protect these fragile wetland habitats.


Whats In Your Lawn?

This lesson explores our yards in a new way - as an important part of nature with different species living there. Kids will get to learn first hand what plants are growing in their yard by going out and looking for them! 


Iowa's Forests

See how a forest is like an apartment building or house. We’ll introduce you to this layered community so you can start to see how each piece comes together to make a Forest Ecosystem.


Bulldog Basin


Invasive Species Identification “Scavenger Hunt”, Word Bank fill In The Blanks, and Goat Craft


Week 4

Climate Change

The Science of Climate Change

Learn about some of the science behind climate change and conduct experiments to see the effects for yourself!


Climate Safety Activity

Draw a picture of something you think will be impacted by climate change. It could be the Earth, an animal, a person or something else. Think about why and how it will be impacted and what you can do to help!

No Video

Climate Change Around The World

In this lesson, we will explore how climate change has affected the globe over time and how different parts of the world are impacted every day.


This lesson will explore populations who will be more vulnerable to the health risks related to climate change and the possible impacts on human health that will result from climate related issues such as air quality, water quality, and an increase in overall temperature.

Climate & Health


Climate & Soil

In this lesson we will be exploring Iowa’s various climate related issues surrounding the topic of water. This will mean defining climate change and explaining how water is contributing to statewide climate change and is threatening various public safety and environmental conditions.


Climate Action


This lesson will focus on the three types of climate action occurring in the world, and then provide the student with 3 actions they can take to help! They should be encouraged to research, learn, and talk more about the topic!

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