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Iowa City Geocaching Challenge 2021

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The Challenge:

The Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department has hidden 12 geocaches in parks around Iowa City. During the month of July, we challenge you to find all 12 caches.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a treasure-hunting game in which participants use GPS location services to locate hidden caches around the world. Geocaching is an online service that is free and easy to join. Users can download the Geocaching app on their mobile devices and create an account. They then follow on-app instructions to navigate and find geocaches. Each cache is a small container hidden somewhere in nature holding a log book and small treasures. At each cache, participants sign the log book, track their findings on the app, earn prizes, and leave something new of greater or equal value. Geocaching allows users to get outside, tap into their adventurous side, and learn about small worlds beyond their own. It is perfect for everyone of all ages and backgrounds.

What You Need:

  • Mobile device with GPS capabilities

  • Geocaching app with basic (unpaid) membership

  • Cache card:

IC Geocaching Stamp Card (2)
Download PDF • 168KB

What To Do:

  • Beginning July 1, 2021, use navigation tools and the Geocaching app to find all 12 caches in parks across Iowa City. These are caches hidden by the geocaching user with webname: IowaCityParks&Rec.

  • Log each cache in your app and the log book located at each cache

  • Punch your cache card at each location. If the paper is no longer in the geocache, please write the date you found the cache on the blank on the cache card

  • Take a treasure from the cache box and leave something of equal or higher value. For example, take a bag of charms from the cache and leave some bouncy balls or stickers.

  • When you have found all the caches, turn your card in to the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center front desk by July 31, 2021, to redeem your prize (while supplies last)! The Recreation Center address is 220 S. Gilbert Street Iowa City, Iowa 52240.


  • Questions about Program Details? Email Leah Rietz

  • Concerns about the geocaches? Message @ICParks&Rec on the Geocaching app.

Happy caching!


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